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🐐 Established in 2021: A Journey Begins Founded by two visionary sisters in the heart of Finland, Voihan Kuono! had humble beginnings as a goat's milk dairy factory. With a passion for creating delectable treats, they initially specialized in cheese and ice cream production, bringing the rich goodness of Finnish goat milk to the forefront.

🧀 Innovative Turn in 2022: A Sustainable Shift In 2022, faced with excess whey from their cheese-making endeavors, the sisters embarked on a groundbreaking journey. Committed to sustainability, they launched Voihan Kuono!, a brand dedicated to repurposing waste responsibly and creating treats that are as good for the planet as they are for pets.

🍦 First Creation: A Pawsitively Delicious Treat Their first creation was nothing short of revolutionary – dog-friendly ice cream in edible cups crafted from upcycled whey. Infused with the goodness of local farm's upcycled berries and carrots, these treats not only delighted pets but also set a new standard for mindful pet indulgence.

🌍 National Presence: Across Finland's Shelves Voihan Kuono! has quickly become a household name, with our innovative ice creams now available nationwide in Finland. Proudly featured in two major supermarket chains, Kesko and SOK, our treats have become a staple for pets and their owners alike.

🌱 Inspiration for the Future: Local, Clean, and Nutritious Our commitment to sustainability and innovation drives us forward. We are dedicated to developing new treats using locally sourced, clean, and nutritious upcycled food. By doing so, we aim to benefit pets and contribute to a healthier environment for generations to come.

🐾🌿 Our Mission: Redefining Pet Indulgence At Voihan Kuono!, our mission is clear – to redefine pet indulgence. We believe in creating treats that bring joy to pets while ensuring a positive impact on the planet. Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future, where every treat is a celebration of love for our pets and the environment.

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